In May 2010 and again in 2011, I spent a week at this paradise resort. The Montage was built into the cliffs overlooking the Pacific ocean in Laguna Beach, California. To date, is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Stay tuned as I sift thru about 300 photos to choose the ones I want to include on my site. I'll separate them into part one (here) and part two. Enjoy!


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his page consists of 2 sections. Both deal with the poor, disenfranchised blacks and coloured. For those who don't know, in South Africa the term "coloured" is used to describe people who have mixed origin. Not being White meant they suffered discrimination, but were treated some-what better than the Blacks, even in prisons. Many of the nicely dressed workers in the restaurants and bars around the Waterfront, actually lived in these townships with no inside plumbing, no lighting and dirt floors.  So, this page is dedicated to showing that, though South Africa's apartheid regime has ended, the effects live on.

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arely Sunday morning, April 1st 2012, we traveled over 2 hours from Cape Town to the site of our Safari, on the Aquila private game reserve. The safari lasted nearly 4 hours and we saw everything from elephants and rhinos to lions and crocodiles. But here's the interesting part. The night before, we all went to a restaurant that served a "game" platter. We sent it back the first time because some of the meat was still moving. Anyway, the challenge was to take a bite or two of ostrich, wildebeest, elk, whitetail and some kind of deer. Now, here we are on safari the next day pointing to animals we just ate!

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n March 31st 2012, I took a tour of the island and prison that held Nelson Mandela for over 27 years. We caught a ferry from the Cape Town Waterfront right near our apartment for the 15 minute ride to Robbene Iland (Robben Island). From the ferry and the island we saw ironically beautiful views of the mountains and waterways.

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spent the last week of March and 1st week of April 2012, in Africa. This was my first trip to the mother-land and I guess you could say I played it safe, by staying in Cape Town. It's the most civilized and advanced of all the African countries. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people. I joined friends, 2 who already live in Namibia and only had a 2 hour plane ride to meet up with the rest of us, who traveled a gruelling 20+ hours from DC.

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