Prison 11g

On March 31st 2012, I took a tour of Robbene Iisland, the location of the prison that held Nelson Mandela for over 27 years.

We caught a ferry from the Cape Town Waterfront right near our apartment for the 15 minute ride to Robbene Iland (Robben Island). From the ferry and the island we saw ironically beautiful views of the mountains and waterways.

On the island, our tour guide was a former inmate who served time along with Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners. He showed us the actual cell where Mr. Mandela was imprisoned. You'll also notice that the prisoners had a clear view from the island, of the mainland and freedom, while they toiled in the sun. Most suffered from blindness by being forced to work outside the mines without protection from the sun glare on the minerals and rocks. I think what surprised me most was that, even in prison they openly discriminated based on skin color/shade. Some got much better accommodations and food, than others. I don't have to tell you who was treated better, and who got the smelly end of the stick.

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