spent the last week of March and 1st week of April 2012, in Africa. This was my first trip to the mother-land and I guess you could say I played it safe, by staying in Cape Town. It's the most civilized and advanced of all the African countries. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people. I joined friends, 2 who already live in Namibia and only had a 2 hour plane ride to meet up with the rest of us, who traveled a gruelling 20+ hours from DC.

To be precise, we left Dulles at 6:00pm Tuesday March 27. We stopped in Amsterdam, Netherlands and finally arrived in Cape Town, on Wednesday at 9:30pm. We stayed in a luxury apartment building right on the Cape Town waterfront, called the Julien. The weather was great - around 70-78 degrees.  Weeks before leaving home, we planned our itinerary which included hiring a private tour guide so we could do exactly what we wanted to do. There were 3 things I most wanted to see. I went on an African Safari, I visited  the prison that housed Nelson Mandela and I visited the poor townships.  

It's taken quite a while to get pictures up because I'm sifting through over 800 images from 3 different cameras! I still have many more to publish, but meanwhile see what I've uploaded so far. I hope to share my top 200 - 400 in various sections of this website so come back soon! 

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Here are a few pictures taken during our first couple of days.