arely Sunday morning, April 1st 2012, we traveled over 2 hours from Cape Town to the site of our Safari, on the Aquila private game reserve. The safari lasted nearly 4 hours and we saw everything from elephants and rhinos to lions and crocodiles. But here's the interesting part. The night before, we all went to a restaurant that served a "game" platter. We sent it back the first time because some of the meat was still moving. Anyway, the challenge was to take a bite or two of ostrich, wildebeest, elk, whitetail and some kind of deer. Now, here we are on safari the next day pointing to animals we just ate!

I thought that was pretty funny. While most of the animals were beautiful and exotic, we saw the wildebeest and understood why they tasted especially bad.  There were only 2 elephants. You can tell from the pictures they were good friends with all the shoving, touching and trunk-hugging.

The lions were kept in a separate area that had an entrance reminiscent of Jurassic Park. They said if they didn't keep them separated, they'd make a big mess. That makes sense. They also had a fenced area where they tended to the sick and wounded. There, we actually saw 2 lions mating! It happened so quickly - a loud roar, vigorous humping and 20 seconds later --- it was over. The female rolled on her back and stretched out while the male sat down, closed his eyes and smiled.

I also included pictures from the ride there and back. Notice in the midst of the scenic and majestic mountains, there are people living in tin homes. They have no electricity or running water. They are usually located a few miles from an area of crops where they probably work. Apartheid may be over, but imagine living like that, not alongside, but in the middle of a highway. Yes, they lived in the divider between north and south-bound traffic. Now that is sad.

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